Eva Andersen (EM)`s art. Channeled art through 30 years.

"Brushstrokes in freedom"
"Art in time"
"Human in time"
"A peek behind the veil to the diversity of dimensions"
"The soul's mother tongue"
"Love, harmony and power"

Images shown on this page is a small extract of the expressions, techniques, and content of the plurality in themes that concerns us all in time we are living. And the new time we are entering. The paintings are channeled through 30 years and started in 1983.

Eva's art has appeared in various exhibitions around Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and Cyprus throughout the years. Eva is expected to exhibit more of her art in 2019.

All paintings on this page are for sale.

Do you wish to exhibit Eva's art in a gallery, please contact:

Eva Andersen

Stand: 115


En samling av elleve verker


En samling av syv verker